Welcome, Children of the Gods.

Here, your journey will lead you to the City of Soren Torg. A one peaceful plain inhabited by the Hill Giants of Jorguten. These Giants were the Ancestors to the Dwarves, though they though of the Dwarves as freaks of nature. Due to this, the Giants enslaved the Dwarves. Using them for their architectural ingenuity to build a vast kingdom.

Many times the Dwarves revolted. Tearing down the buildings they once made and fought for their freedom. Every time, the Giants would subdue the Dwarves back into slavery. 400 years have passed since the last rebellion. No Giant or Dwarf escaped to recall the outcome. The Giants left the area, taking the Dwarves with them.

Soon humans came and occupied the pre-existing buildings. These humans reverse engineered the architecture and expanded upon the already large city. The Humans prospered for many generations, until the Hill Giants returned. A great battled ensued. Building collapsed and yet in the end, the Humans remained victorious.

Now, the population of many thousands, dwindles at a mere 300. The humans rebuilt the city, using their own architecture with one tower in the center of town, representing the Hill Giants’ original residence.

50 long years passed. At which time, earthquakes began to disturb the land. The Humans thought nothing of it. Nomadic tribes left the city alone, assuming it was cursed. No one has since entered, or left.

This is where you come in children. Your Mission is to investigate the cause of these earthquakes. This area is not prone to seismic activity and it is very eerie for this to suddenly start. Some reports mention that the quakes are so violent, it is causing fissures to rip open, and pillars of stone to emerge from the Earth. Should you encounter any Titanspawn. Eliminate them quickly, as they are unaware of your existence at this time. We would like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Soren Torg