Soren Torg

Your First Mission

Mission 1

Each of you receive a briefing for your objective. After going through your visitation and acceptance of the fact they you would essentially be enlisted into the Army for the Gods, you continue their normal everyday lives. Each passing day it becomes a little bit more difficult to conceal the power eminating from your blood. Each of you have found powers that you only thought possible in comic books and video games and honestly, it is hard to not show off.

When you read the briefing paperwork, you feel as if someone is reading it to you. Each of your briefings is in your native language and illegible to others. The briefing reads as such:

“Dearest Children,

As future Gods of this world, you have been given powers to protect it. As you may not be completely familiar with your newfound abilities, we thought it best give you an assignment that fits your experience.

To the north-west, there is the City of Soren Torg, disturbed by constant earthquakes. Fissures and Pillars of Stone occasionally jut out from the ground. This area was once inhabited by the Hill Giants of Jorguten Plains. Your vehicles should make it there, but they will not make it back.

When you arrive, you will need to survey the area and evaluate the tremors. In case you are to encounter any non-human people here, investigate them to find out as much as you can.

If you encounter any Titanspawn, dispatch of them quickly. You are not yet known to the rest of the Titanspawn and we wish to keep it this way as long as possible.

Signed, <divine>”

On the back it reads, “We suggest that you all leave in 24 hours.”



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